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what is receipt ocr? receipt ocr (optical character recognition or optical character reader) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of receipt images, receipt paper, and handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text using software. this work traditionally required manual human labor but that was inefficient and ripe for mistakes. with veryfi, a picture/scan of a document like a receipt is taken using the lens app (a scanned document) and the ocr software then pulls out data the user has deemed relevant. this can also happen with existing photo files or pdfs that are emailed to your veryfi account. once the transformation happens, the data is available for bookkeeping or business intelligence. receipt ocr is a crucial part of successful machine-based data extraction in data transformation automation and saves tons of money, eliminates labor burdens, and creates new product offerings. veryfi uses receipt ocr with machine processes such as cognitive computing, machine translation, (extracted) text-to-speech, key data and text mining, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and computer vision to automate accounting in new and transformative ways.

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